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EEA hydrographic data set

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Title: EEA hydrographic data set
Depositor: pope, addy; University of Edinburgh
Abstract: 'ECRINS' is acronym for European catchments and RIvers network System. it is a fully connected system of watersheds, rivers, lakes, monitoring stations, dams made from the JRC CCM2.1 and many other sources. Compared to CCM, ECRINS offers a smaller number (138,000 instead of >2,000,000) of elementary catchments which average size is 92km2. Only the main drainage system, nevertheless comprissing ~1,4 million km of rivers has been kept. The IG is organised in four folders. the "hydrography" provides the current and archived layers of ECRINS, the "documentation" provides the construction, coding and data models, "Ancillary data" provides computed data (e.g. Corine LC per elementary catchment) and "WISE data" the publicly available data sets reproted under the WFD and which end host is normally ECRINS. When updated data sets (e.g. lakes and dams, river naming, etc.) become avaiable, they will be added in the adequate folder. This represents the April 2012 release where Bulgaria, Estonia, Lituania, Portugal and Sweden have been added but may not be complete. Please check the EEA site for updates:
Lineage: This data was sourced from the EEA website: and is regularly updated. The data is in shapefile format and has not been modified. Please attribute the EEA as the source of the data set when re-using.
Date: 2012-07-31
Format: ESRI Shapefile

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