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Location of Pharmacies in England and Wales

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Title: Location of Pharmacies in England and Wales
Depositor: pope, addy; University of Edinburgh
Abstract: This dataset shows the location of pharmacies across England and Wales. The English data was valid in 2006 and may have changed since. However, this is the most up to date data i could find.
Lineage: The Welsh data was supplied from the Welsh Assembly and is a digital representation of the map shown in the following report: The English data was sourced on the ONS website;jsessionid=vKbnT1lWlYhxTyJLxTyKhMJWqRGKnwDb8Br1yvhwhXL8Mn0H5Gpv!193229230!1312810358780?JSAllowed=true&Function=&%24ph=60&CurrentPageId=60&step=1&CurrentTreeIndex=-1&searchString=&datasetFamilyId=1732&Next.x=17&Next.y=10&nsjs=true&nsck=true&nssvg=false&nswid=1226 Postcodes have been converted to grid references and the two datasets have been combined into 1 to make further analysis easier
Date: 2011-08-08
Format: ESRI Shapefile

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