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Archaeological Site Dataset for the Jazira Region of Syria

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Depositor dc.contributor Mathys, Tony
Institution dc.contributor.other University of Edinburgh
Spatial Coverage dc.coverage.spatial northlimit=37.3115;eastlimit=42.3545;southlimit=34.4614;westlimit=38.0324;
Dataset Date dc.coverage.temporal 2009-02-09
Date Accessioned 2010-07-01T09:12:53Z
Date Available 2010-07-01T09:12:53Z
Date Issued 2010-07-01
Data Set dc.identifier
Permanent Identifier dc.identifier.uri
Lineage dc.description Derived from 1:200,000 French maps comprising the 1:200,000 French Levant Map Series sheets (Further Information element in this metadata record provides list of sheets). Data also extracted from numerous archaeological survey reports and publications dating back to the 1930s
Abstract dc.description.abstract This archaeological dataset complements 13 other datasets as part of a study that compared ancient settlement patterns with modern environmental conditions in the Jazira region of Syria. This study examined settlement distribution and density patterns over the past five millennia using archaeological survey reports and French 1930s 1:200,000 scale maps to locate and map archaeological sites. An archaeological site dataset was created and compared to and modelled with soil, geology, terrain (contour), surface and subsurface hydrology and normal and dry year precipitation pattern datasets; there are also three spreadsheet datasets providing 1963 precipitation and temperature readings collected at three locations in the region. The environmental datasets were created to account for ancient and modern population subsistence activities, which comprise barley and wheat farming and livestock grazing. These environmental datasets were subsequently modelled with the archaeological site dataset, as well as, land use and population density datasets for the Jazira region. Ancient trade routes were also mapped and factored into the model, and a comparison was made to ascertain if there was a correlation between ancient and modern settlement patterns and environmental conditions; the latter influencing subsistence activities. This archaeological dataset was generated to show settlement distribution patterns in the Jazira region of Syria. The sites were mapped using publications of surveys conducted and the French 1:200,000 maps. The French maps include the identification of sites using toponyms called 'Tells'. The temporal extent of the archaeological sites in this dataset span from the Neolithic to Islamic periods of Syria. The extent of the archaeological site dataset comprises an area within the Syrian Jazira, which lies between the Syrian and Turkish border in the north; the Syrian and Iraqi border to the east, including the River Tigris; and to the River Euphrates to the south and west. All related data collected was confined within this area with the exception of this archaeological dataset. Archaeological sites were identified and mapped along both banks of the River Euphrates.
Format dc.format ESRI Shapefile
Language dc.language.iso en
Additional Licence Information dc.rights Permission must be obtained prior to using this dataset. Dataset user can make personal copies of any part of this dataset only for the purposes of not-for-profit research or teaching or personal educational development. Acknowledgment or citation must be included if dataset (wholly or in part) appears in any publication, whether printed, electronic or broadcast. Please send to the dataset distributor the bibliographic details of any published work(s) which include the dataset.
Dataset Licencing dc.rights.uri This data is made available under the Public Domain Dedication and License v1.0 whose full text can be found at
Subject dc.subject Syria
Subject dc.subject Archaeology
Subject dc.subject sites
Subject dc.subject Jazira
Additional Keyword dc.subject.classification Location
Title dc.title Archaeological Site Dataset for the Jazira Region of Syria
Type dc.type GIS vector data

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