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3D Point data around Kingston University

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Depositor dc.contributor Smith, Mike
Institution dc.contributor.other Kingston University
Spatial Coverage dc.coverage.spatial northlimit=51.4049;eastlimit=-0.2994;southlimit=51.401;westlimit=-0.3052;
Spatial Coverage dc.coverage.spatial Kingston Upon Thames
Dataset Date dc.coverage.temporal 2010-09-01
Date Accessioned 2011-01-19T11:32:08Z
Date Available 2011-01-19T11:32:08Z
Date Issued 2011-01-19
Data Set dc.identifier
Permanent Identifier dc.identifier.uri
Lineage dc.description Data is still in a somewhat raw format. Collected by Leica ScanStation 2 laser scaner and converted to x,y,z triples in Leica Cyclone software. Data loaded into ArcScene and converted into a shapefile.
Abstract dc.description.abstract This data represents 3 scans from a Leica ScanStation 2 laser scanner. The data was scanned and stored in Leica’s Cyclone software and the data is now millions of simple; x,y,z triples of positions. The data was collected against a local reference system but the position of the scanner was in front of the Penrhyn Building on the Kingston University in London. The coordinates of this building are (518048/168484). The data itself is in shapefile format so could be opened in most GIS systems, or converted to other formats. However, this data can also be manipulated in 3D by packages such as ArcScene. This data is still in a raw format and is intended to give users data to manipulate in 3D packages such as ArcScene. Users should note that the data is not output in any usable refrence frame.
Format dc.format ESRI Shapefile
Language dc.language.iso en
Additional Licence Information dc.rights This data is made available under the Public Domain Dedication and License v1.0 whose full text can be found at
Subject dc.subject buildings
Subject dc.subject raw data
Additional Keyword dc.subject.classification Structure
Title dc.title 3D Point data around Kingston University
Type dc.type GIS vector data

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