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Hurricanes and Tropical Storms 2000-2012

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Title: Hurricanes and Tropical Storms 2000-2012
Depositor: pope, addy; University of Edinburgh
Abstract: This dataset represents the hurricanes and tropical storms since 2000. The dataset is a sub-set of the Historical Hurricane Data found on the NOAA Historical Hurricane Data Center mapping site. The dataset shows the tracks the storms took represented as lines and include attributes such as pressure, speed and date. Oceanic basin is also noted should you wish to see which basin storms occurred in. A couple of standard maps are included to provide a sense of what the data looks like.
Lineage: Soured from but has been subset to show just storms that have occurred since the year 2000. Please acknowledge NOAA as the source of the base data if you reuse it.
Date: 2012-10-29
Format: ESRI Shapefile

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