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Land use data for Edinburgh

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Depositor dc.contributor Gillard, Emily
Institution dc.contributor.other EDINA
Spatial Coverage dc.coverage.spatial northlimit=56.0806;eastlimit=-2.364;southlimit=55.7022;westlimit=-3.8204;
Dataset Date dc.coverage.temporal 2012-04-17
Date Accessioned 2012-04-17T16:21:28Z
Date Available 2012-04-17T16:21:28Z
Date Issued 2012-04-17
Data Set dc.identifier
Permanent Identifier dc.identifier.uri
Lineage dc.description Please refer to the attached document for this information. The data has been reprojected from Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area to OSGB. Please note that it is stated in the attached document that the original coordinate system is UTM 30, however, this is not the case.
Abstract dc.description.abstract The GMES Urban Atlas has produced land use data for large urban zones with more than 100 000 inhabitants. The GIS data can be downloaded along with a map for the urban area covered and a report with the metadata. The data here is only for Edinburgh, but data for other large urban areas can be downloaded at and symbolised with the Layer File contained here.
Format dc.format ESRI Shapefile
Language dc.language.iso en
Additional Licence Information dc.rights This data is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license whose full text can be found at
Additional Keyword dc.subject.classification Environment
Title dc.title Land use data for Edinburgh
Type dc.type GIS vector data

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