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Nuclear Power Stations

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Title: Nuclear Power Stations
Depositor: pope, addy; University of Edinburgh
Abstract: This dataset represents the location of nuclear power stations around the world in 2011. The dataset includes power plants that are not yet online. Information is supplied about the type of reactor (Boiling Water, Fast Breeder, Gas Cooled and so on), the power output and the projected power output where the plant, or a reactor at a plant, is not yet online. In addition, a link to the wikipidea page for the power station is provided where it is available. Also, a KMZ file is provided which has these links embedded in it. Example maps are included in the zip to help explain what information the dataset holds.
Lineage: The shapefile supplied here is derived from the KMZ file which is also included. The source of the KMZ file is: but it is unclear if the data was sourced directly from the IEAE or from the following blog Either way, the original source of the data is undoubtedly the IEAE To convert the data to shapefile required extensive data manipulation which was carried out in textpad and ArcGIS.
Date: 2011-04-01
Format: ESRI Shapefile

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